Saturday, August 23, 2014

Realism Art Exhibit

A few days ago, I and two friends, attended an exhibit of five exceptional artists.  All five of these artists' focus is on realism art.  Realism, in some cases, to the point of photo realism.  My focus is  figurative realism so needless to say I was excited about getting to see this exhibit for "up close and personal" viewing.  The artists were:  Eric Zener, Ali Cavanaugh, Yigal Ozeri, Kevin Peterson, and Brian Tull.  If you go to any one of these artist's links you will not only see their amazing work but will also be blown away by their skill - that is, if you're into realism.

After the exhibit we went to the library - one of the biggest and best libraries I have ever visited.  Being so inspired by the art I looked for books on realism painting.  I was introduced, by my friend - to a southwest realism painter - James Bama.  I had never heard of him before and was amazed at his work.  He is as amazing as those I've named above.  I took a couple of photos of his works out of the book so you could see his work.

Sorry, I did have another one to post, but it will not upload properly.  I have an artist friend, Clark Gussin,  who does southwest theme paintings.  I'm sure he knows James Bama.  He is also a super talented painter and is currently showing his work at the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California.

Anyway, like I said, I'm inspired by the extraordinary work of these artists - all whom I've mentioned here - maybe I can by osmosis develop into a painter of skills even close to these.