Monday, April 11, 2016

Running Wild

Back in February I posted a couple of paintings that I was working on. One was a "commission" from my granddaughter. What she requested was a painting of five horses running free. I called it finished about a week ago. It was certainly a challenge and the end result was not exactly what I had hoped for. She loved it though and that's what's important.  She titled it "Running Wild."  I don't expect to be doing horses any time in the near future. 

Now I have to finish the other painting, which I am having problems with - "Take This Cup II." Just can't seem to get the anatomy right. I've taken out what is wrong, but now I have to put it back in - that's the problem. Oh well, it's not as though I was doing it for someone. I'm doing this painting for myself - however, do want to get it right.

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