Monday, February 1, 2016

What I'm Doing Now ...

Hard to believe, I know, my last posting was January 11th - here it is February 1st and I'm here again. I just wanted to show you how far I've gotten on the painting I spoke about last time. However, not only have I been working on "Take This Cup II," I've also accepted a "commission." I've italicized commission because it isn't a real commission. Let me explain - my granddaughter recently decided to redecorate her room in a western theme and asked me to paint her a picture with five horses running in a field. My first thought was - "Good grief that is quite a challenge - I don't do animals, much less horses." Anyway, because it would be a challenge, I told her I would do it, so wanted to show how far I've gotten into that one.

Two paintings going on at one time is not something I usually do, but it has been interesting. Still have a little more to do on "Take This Cup" and a lot more on the horses. That painting is proving to be a real challenge.  Here are both paintings:

Take This Cup II

Running Horses

 Please give me some feedback as to what you think about these paintings. Thanks for visiting.