Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hawaii Past

Originally my blog was going to, besides my paintings, include stories and happenings to do with my Hawaiian culture.  I have not blogged about my Hawaiian culture for quite a while so I want to do that with this posting.  

As a young girl growing up in Hawai'i it was expected that I and my female siblings would learn and perform the hula.  That's the way it was in the other families as well.  Here are some photos of those days so many years ago.

That's me on the far  right - looking bored.  Think I was about 13-14 here.

I danced with my sisters and cousins.  It was a fun time.

Here we are; me in middle, sister on right.

In ancient Hawai'i; however, women were not allowed to do the hula.  It was an activity reserved exclusively for the men.  The men chosen would reside together in a common residence, devoting themselves totally to the art of dance.  The men continue to dance and it is those dances that I most look forward to when attending a hula festival - such as the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival.  The men's dances are so powerful.  Here is a video clip of one such dances featuring the Academy of Hawaiian Arts. 

This is a hula halau (dance school) out of Oakland, California.  Mark Kealiihoomalu is its kumu (teacher).  They are an amazing group.  

Hope you enjoyed that and thank you for visiting.