Thursday, January 17, 2013

Finished Underpainting

Just a quick post today.  I've completed the underpainting on the family portrait.  Some painters do just a loose, sketchy type underpainting, which is what I usually do, but in this case I wanted to be right on with likenesses.  I don't think I can get any closer than this.  I've been kind to the adults, shaving off a few years.  Now comes the color - scary.  (18x24 oil on stretched canvas.)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Women of the Bible - Eve and Other

Those who follow my blog know that I have been working on a series entitled "Women of the Bible."  Painting women of the Bible who I have been impacted by.  So far I've done Ruth (Book of Ruth); Mary, the mother of Jesus; Queen Esther (Book of Esther) - All of these women, in my opinion, were strong women who followed God's will and helped Him to accomplish what was necessary.  Today I am posting the woman who changed the course of our lives - Eve. 

This painting is actually not finished, but you know sometime you get to a point in a piece and you just lose the motivation to "finish" it - well that is where I am here.  I used several pictures to come up with this composition and while scanning through the photos it was interesting to find that many renditions were an Eve with red hair ..... hmmmm! 

Maybe the reason I'm not motivated to finish this is because I've taken on a "huge" art challenge - at least for me.  A portrait of my son's family - five faces.  Laying the sketch down and capturing the likenesses took me about two weeks.  Here's the initial sketch, to which I have refined a lot ...
I really wanted them in a more unconventional pose, but this is what they wanted, so this is what I'm working on.  I'll post my progress periodically.  So far I've done a first layer of underpainting and redefining features more closely.  I must be crazy, but wish me luck anyway.  Truth be told, I am excited about doing this.