Friday, July 29, 2011

The NikonSniper

I follow the blog of the Nikon Sniper. Other than being a fantastic photographer, he writes an amazing blog. He speaks boldly for Christ and in his latest blog he wrote the following. His latest post, which I've partially posted below, leads me to say "Shouldn't I want to tell you?" Check him out, it'll be well worth your time.

I also want to be clear with all whom I am fortunate enough to encounter in life’s remaining days. This includes you! Follow me here.

If I truly believe, AND I DO, that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven (John 14:6, Acts 4:12), shouldn’t I want to tell you? I mean, if I say I care about you, AND I DO, and I truly believe you might have missed the most important decision in life, … Shouldn’t I say something?

If I truly believe that a wrong choice for your eternal salvation would lead you to a horrible eternity, … Shouldn’t I say something? Not according to the world! The world wants me to shut up. I know that!

The world says, “Just tell people you care about them, even help them with a little cash when they are struggling (if ya have to), … but don’t try to tell them anything that will assist them in finding the source of real love and eternal treasure.”

You can call me a hypocrite! I fall on my face all the time. I’m not perfect. But I know the King of Kings. I know the Lord of Lords. I know the author of life. I know the deliverer of lost sheep. I know the One who lifts the broken-hearted. I know the ONLY way, the truth and the life. And one day He will make me cease to stumble. And Jesus can deliver you from whatever life’s trials are and grant you eternal life in His presence.

And if I don’t tell you about Jesus … I should be considered an even bigger hypocrite! If a “believer in Christ” ISN’T telling you about Him, you should be asking them, “Why”?

That is what is important to me in my remaining days here. I must declare to you that I can’t throw a football … but I know Jesus! I am not speaking to you today of fuzzy feelings. I am talking about the Lord who died for your sins, If only you will accept it and allow Him into your life.

No one will care in eternity that I could throw a football when I was young. The only thing that will matter there is what I did here with God’s Son, Jesus Christ. These are the most loving and caring words I can urge you to hear. The world insists I am not politically correct! But Jesus is ALIVE! Something happened 2000 years ago that shook up the world … and He is still ALIVE and coming again. I hope you will seek Him today.

Your friend,
Nikonsniper Steve

Monday, July 25, 2011

Herb Kane - Hawaiian Artist Extraordinaire

It has been a while since I wrote anything on Hawai'i and its art. This is a piece done by the world renown artist, Herb Kane. I've always admired his art, not only for its Hawaiian historical content, but he is also an amazing artist who makes the past of Hawai'i come to life. I want to share his work with all of you.

In 1795, Kamehameha invaded Oahu with a large army. The 19th Century historian Kamakau wrote that the canoes were so many that they were beached from Waikiki to Waialae. Kamehameha also had acquired several ships of European-American design, along with cannon and swivel guns, beginning with the schooner Fair American.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Although I love to paint, there is another “craft” that I thoroughly enjoy and that is scrap booking. Of course, like anyone else, I did have photo albums of children and other family members with descriptive phrases to identify each photo. However, even before the scrap booking “craze” started I was journaling and adding embellishments to my photo albums. I discovered it was something I really enjoyed doing. Not only was I leaving a pictorial legacy for my children, I was leaving them family history. Some drawbacks to scrap booking is that it does take a lot of time, it makes a mess, and it is never finished. I know these will be enjoyed by family in later years. Even now, my grandchildren (10 and 6) enjoy looking through them.

A painting can take a lot of time, it can make a mess, but it does come to completion. Even though you may start anew, each painting is a project that you can bring to completion.

Here are first two photo pages out of my “Ohana” (family) scrapbook.

You may notice that the photo of my son and his wife on the first page is a photo of a painting that I did of them.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Remember Them!!

I was so moved by the "story" (I perceived) behind the photo and its composition that I just had to sketch it. HAPPY 4TH. Most importantly REMEMBER ALL OF THEM.

Thank you for them Lord.