Monday, January 11, 2016

For A More Creative 2016

Hello out there - I am still alive and kicking. What can I say except sorry for my terribly sporadic postings to this blog. Not only have I not been posting regularly, I have not been painting. That is a crying shame. I post my paintings to my computer's hard-drive by year, so I went back over those and was ashamed to find that in 2015 I did only two paintings. 2014 was not much better with three, and 2013 looks like I did only two. 2009 was my most creative year - I painted 28 paintings (I must've been on fire then). No wonder I have felt like I've been missing something. That's the reason for the title - I want (not a resolution) to be more creative this year - 2016.

This year I already have a couple of ideas in the works. I've already sketched one of them and am excited about doing it. In 2009 I did a painting for a local art competition and sale. I titled it "Take This Cup." It won the Purchase Award  and is hanging in the gallery at the Baptist church that ran the competition. (I didn't think it would receive recognition, much less be purchased) This is it ....

Take This Cup - 15x30 oil on stretched canvas

Anyway,  the painting became so meaningful to me as I was painting it that unconsciously I really didn't want it to sell, but it did. I decided someday to do another - something I don't ordinarily do. After six years, I finally am where I believe I can do it. Here is a very rough sketch. It will be a little different colorwise and a few other differences, but the overall remains the same - hopefully better.

Stay tuned for the progress.