Saturday, October 29, 2016

What Have I Been Doing?

This posting is mainly to let my followers know that I am still alive and kicking in middle Tennessee.

Relating to the title of this post - I have been doing everything but painting. I had to correct the "Take This Cup II" painting of my last posting.  But have I done that yet? No, and I am very disappointed in myself for not being motivated to do that. I have, however, been involved in "scrapbooking" our Book of James study and creating Christmas cards for sale at my church. The monies are earmarked for missions, which we have contributed to for the past two years.

But, back to my painting. I have a painting that I did quite some time back that I would like to repost. It is special to me and was created for a family reunion in 2010. It has deep spiritual meaning for me. I titled it "Love Beyond Measure."

Here's the symbolism behind this painting:

God the Father is the White Rose,
The first pink rose symbolizes Jesus Christ. Your freedom from sin came from the Father through the Son. Therefore, the butterfly, which I see as symbolic of freedom, alights on the Christ Jesus. The Father's tear is self-explanatory. The bottom pink rose symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the roses laying on the table symbolize fallen man. The Koa wood vase and weathered Lauhala mat covering the wall represents the Hawaiian people and their culture and the fern represents the interweaving of ohana (family) with the roses.

Thank you for visiting me here. May God's choicest blessings be upon you and yours!!