Monday, May 13, 2019


As I said in my last posting to this blog, I was going to try to post something every couple of weeks. It may not be a painting, but initially, I stated that I would also post on my culture as well. I am what is referred to in the Islands as "hapa." Meaning half white. My father was 100%  Hawaiian, while my mother had very little Hawaiian - about 16%  or even less (I think).
Anyway, today I was browsing through photographs for something to paint and came across this - forgotten all about -  picture. That's me second from left. I don't know what age I was at this time, but I'm going to guess about 14-15. I was sooo surprised to find this that I  just had to share. These were the young people who were part of the LDS church group; MIA (Mutual Improvement Assoc.). I was raised Mormon and had fun as a teenager growing up in the church, The church provided its young people with a lot of fun activities.
I'm guessing (because we're in hula garb) that we were doing a fundraiser for the church's building fund. Such memories.
 I'll identify each one beginning front, left to right: Cornell Canto, Me - Lokelani, brother Kaiwa, MaileAnn Enos, Alvin Kaleihuawehi, Maualei Long, Rodney Rodrigues. Back row: L-R sister Leina'ala, cousin Kanani, Viola Johnson, "Fatso" Johnson and Puanani Mahi.