Monday, December 26, 2016


Yes, I'm back to doing what I should have been doing all along - painting. God gave me this ability and I'm ashamed to say I have not been glorifying Him by doing anything with that ability.

I had one project in mind that I just had to finish. A few years back, I did a competition piece for the First Baptist Church in Nashville, TN and their annual art competition. The piece was titled "Take This Cup." I didn't think it would do anything but it won the purchase award where the church purchased the painting for their gallery. I really did want it for myself so thought I would do another for myself, which I finally did this year - 2016. There was so much wrong with it, but finally, after many months I put it back on my easel to finish. It still needs some tweaking, but here it is. Even unfinished, it hung in a prominent place in my home.

Take This Cup II - 15x30
 Then I have a brand new second project I am going to attempt to do. This is my granddaughter at about 3-1/2 years old. I stumbled on this picture when I posted a more recent one of her painting.
I love this photo and hope I can do it. The most problem I had with the sketch was getting the angles and proportions on the easel right. Here's hoping I can do it. I'm always up for the challenge. Sorry, having trouble lining up the photos.

Sketch - 18x24

My sweet Ellie.