Saturday, July 16, 2011


Although I love to paint, there is another “craft” that I thoroughly enjoy and that is scrap booking. Of course, like anyone else, I did have photo albums of children and other family members with descriptive phrases to identify each photo. However, even before the scrap booking “craze” started I was journaling and adding embellishments to my photo albums. I discovered it was something I really enjoyed doing. Not only was I leaving a pictorial legacy for my children, I was leaving them family history. Some drawbacks to scrap booking is that it does take a lot of time, it makes a mess, and it is never finished. I know these will be enjoyed by family in later years. Even now, my grandchildren (10 and 6) enjoy looking through them.

A painting can take a lot of time, it can make a mess, but it does come to completion. Even though you may start anew, each painting is a project that you can bring to completion.

Here are first two photo pages out of my “Ohana” (family) scrapbook.

You may notice that the photo of my son and his wife on the first page is a photo of a painting that I did of them.


  1. I loved seeing these pages of your blog, too. A pictoral of yours and also Jerrol's family trees. I remember meeting Tommie once. The picture of Jerrol is how I remember him. And look at you Missy! What a beauty. When was that picture taken? Were you and Jerrol married yet? I know, lots of questions. Maybe you should answer them in an email instead. 8>}

  2. Thank you Sharon. I think I will answer your questions via email. Luv

  3. The photo of the painting of your son and daughter in law is a great touch, Lokelani!

    Scrap booking is a great record for the family.

  4. Thank you Dean for visiting and making comment. I think I will, in cases where it applies, use photos of my paintings.