Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Prep

For those who have been following my series "Women of the Bible," I've taken a slight break from it - although I do have a WIP (work in progress) sitting on my easel right now.  Had to take time to prepare for Christmas.  This year I've decided to use my God-given talent to make all occasion cards for gifts.  Below is a sampling of some I have completed.  It is something I've come to enjoy doing.  On last count I've made 23 - just two more to do to complete the 25 cards originally planned for.  Thank goodness I have some time before it absolutely has to be done. 

My Sunday School class gave me a wonderful "appreciation" gift of a Cuttlebug for Christmas.  What is a Cuttlebug you ask?  It is a cardmaking/scrapbooking little machine that does great things, like embossing as shown in the purple oval of the second card below.  I love it.  Makes cardmaking so much more funner.

I must admit, I'm not chomping at the bit to get back to my painting because I'm thoroughly enjoying creating cards that will bring joy to someone else.  Eve will have to wait a little longer.