Monday, December 21, 2009

Labor of Love

My last posting was a commission piece for a dear friend. This piece is a labor of for my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ for whom the celebration of His birth is what this season is all about.

The concept of the painting came about when one of my lady friends from my church handed me a post-it note and said..."This picture has been on my mind for days and I thought maybe you would like to paint it." There on a 3"x3" note paper was this tiny sketch. I took it and came up with this...very close to the initial sketch, but this is what I was led to do. Although there is still much to do on it I wanted to post it today in celebration of the birthday of Jesus. I call this painting "Safe"...from Proverbs 20:25..."whosoever putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe."

This painting has gone through a few renditions. This is my initial sketch, which I thought..."well, that's looking pretty good...I'll put it on canvas." Much to my dismay after laying in the paint, folds of clothing, hands...the whole works, I thought to myself..."no way can the left hand comfortably be in that position." That meant, removing His hands and most of what I had already painted and start over. I did that twice, until in frustration I had my 4-year old granddaughter take a photo of my hands in the position I wanted in the painting, and we are.

Sometimes life is tough and in our frustration we throw our hands up and say..."forget it." But, we need to hang in there, just as I did with this painting and something beautiful will surface.

Much love to all of you this wonderful Christmas Season. Celebrate with thanksgiving the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ who loves us all unconditionally. That with His love we will show our love for one another.

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