Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Stuck

Yes, I am at a stuck place. I have not put brush to canvas in almost two weeks. I have; however, sketched some, but cannot seem to muster the desire to paint. For Christmas I received a gift certificate for an art store from my grandson. I was excited about that and almost immediately redeemed it for new brushes and several canvases – but those packages are still unopened.

Back in November 2009, I contacted our church’s Minister of Music whose ministry also includes the arts of Drama and Visual Arts. I presented him with the idea of a visual arts art festival…a way to give local artists, professionals as well as amateurs and students, a chance to showcase their talent. The theme “Praise Him” was selected around which all artists would create a piece or pieces of work. Anyway, he went for the idea and the art show is coming up in April.

I plan to enter a couple of pieces. One idea that came to mind is the shepherd boy David, on his harp, praising and glorifying God with his songs. I came up with three different versions of that idea, but am not totally happy with any of them. Here’s what I have….

I am at a loss. Maybe what I need to do is start with a new idea. What to do, what to do. I’ll take any ideas you may have.

Thanks for listening…now maybe I’ll go stand in front of the blank canvas I have sitting on the easel and see if I get an inspiration.

Until next time...take care!

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  1. Hi Lokelani
    I think you are making life hard for yourself by choosing a figure - even tough for me.
    How about a glorious landscape, sunrise, sunset, a beautiful tree, etc. surely that would be praising Him for you as as a Christian you believe he created those things ;-) Look for something simple to find your God inside.
    Does this help?


  2. Im not very good with ideas, but I do like the inclusion of the animals with the shepherd to carry the story. Regarding painting, get your canvases and paint out and get to it!

  3. Paul...all those things you mention certainly does glorify God and I see it all, but this was one subject that "spoke" to me. I will think on it further.

  4. Thanks Sam. I like the little lamb in the composition as well. Today I tackle the canvas.

  5. All three are fine starts...I think what I would do at this point is to have a friend act as a model and strike the poses you have sketched. Use your camera and work from the photos. This would add authenticity to the figure's anatomy.

  6. Thanks Dean. I like that idea of photographing a model for authenticity. I'll grab my 18 yr.old grandson. I know he'll cooperate.

  7. Hi Lokelani! Or should I say Mahalo!?
    Your stuck? Good! That's part of the creative process :)
    I like those ideas you have, and would build on them!
    Also ask God for guidance on this. It is not cheating to let God help you.
    I like to put myself in the subjects "shoes"
    and think what they would do. It can be fun to play around with this process, as the viewer
    becomes a player in the piece.
    Also I would read the psalms that I would want
    to illustrate for guidence.
    Keep it simple, fresh and clean.
    Well,that would be my advice on this.
    I think it's smart to ask folks what they think, Norman Rockwell did it all the time, and
    there was mass appeal to his work.
    Good painting, and God Bless Lokelani!

  8. Mahalo Bill. Some great advice here. Simple, fresh and clean is what I think will help this piece. Thanks again. Hmmm...didn't know that about Norman Rockwell. I enjoyed his work a lot.

  9. From Tia: I can't imagine you stuck. You are not without ideas, you are full of too many ideas...that can muck up the works. Sounds like you need to find yourself at your bare bones inspiration, and, actually, the third sketch was there. Simple, beautiful, and just needing a bit of detail. It's David and his harp...simple and precious.