Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paintings Exhibited

This is probably a shock to those of you who follow my blog...I'm posting so soon after the last. The reason for this is there was a request from one of my readers that I post those paintings that were hung at both the First Baptist Church, Joelton's first annual art festival and at the grand opening of the Main Street Artists gallery. So here they are.

The following two paintings were hung at the FBC Joelton's art festival for display only.

This one is titled "Make a Joyful Noise." The Bible tells us to praise the Lord with singing and dancing and that's what I was trying to depict here. The Lord understands all languages and cultures.

"Sing Praise" - the shepherd boy David singing praise to the Lord Almighty. The theme of the festival was "Praise Him." This was done especially for this show.

The following four hung and are hanging at the "Main Street Artists" gallery.

Titles are from top to bottom: "Mahalo Ke Akua" (Thank You God) oil 24x18; "Can't Hide From Him" oil 18x24; "Morning Dew" oil 20x16; and "Beauty in Simplicity" oil 16x20. All are for sale. If there is any interest out there, email me at lokeforrest@comcast.net.

Mahalo for visiting and come back soon.


  1. Wonderful wonderful Lokelani! I especially love "Make a Joyful Noise". Those hibiscus are so beautiful also. Thanks for letting us view so many of your art in one post!

  2. Thank you so much Sheila. The three hula girls in "Make a Joyful Noise" are me and my two sisters. It was fun to do this peace because it is something close to my heart.

  3. Loke,
    I've seen, and we've discussed, most of these works. They are amazing! Dennis saw "Joyful Noise" for the first time today and recognized you right away. And Jacob as David the Shepherd touches my heart on so many levels.

    I don't believe, though, that I've seen "Beauty in Simplicity" before. It's breathtaking!! Just looking at it brings back such wonderful memories of my trip to the Islands.

    You are an amazing talent, and I'm so thrilled that you found a time and place in your life where you could freely exercise it. As usual, thank you for sharing. Love you.

  4. Very lovely paintings. I'm so glad someone asked you to post them and you did.

  5. I love the way you have capture the paper like quality of the flower.

  6. Thank you Delilah, that is one of my favorite rendering of a flower.

  7. Good luck with the exhibitions Lokelani!

  8. Thank you Sam, they were a success.