Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still on the Easel

Quite a while ago my daughter-in-law handed me a 4x6 snapshot of my granddaughter Ellie that she had taken. She asked me if I would paint it when I had the time as it was one of her favorite photos of Ellie. Well, I finally got around to it and am glad that I did. This shot was taken about a year ago and is so typical of Ellie. She is growing up so fast and we may never see her in this situation again, so am glad that not only was it captured in photo, but on canvas as well. Yesterday we celebrated her fifth birthday...can't believe that she's there already.

I have not signed it yet, so it is still considered a WIP (work in progress) if anyone has a critique.

Also, maybe of interest is the fact that I have a new computer which was loaded with Windows 7. I know it is suppose to be an easier operating system, and anything would be better than what I previously had...but I knew my previous operating system so much better than this one. I'll learn though. Anyway, that's why the picture is not cropped - I don't know how to do it, yet.

Thank you so much for visiting. Talk to you next time.


  1. Beautiful painting and so is Ellie. My little grand-daughter is making her communion tomorrow and you are so right, they grow up so fast~~~

  2. it is great Lokelani. The style is integrated.
    You might be looking for a coral color along the calf of her right leg to give the reflection of the fore shortened limb and the hair on her left with a little more definition in the shadow.
    She is a lovely child.

  3. That facial expression is perfect! There may be a problem with her right leg...the upper part a bit too long and the lower part a bit too short. See how many face lengths will fit into each section. Of course this is just IMHO.
    Good luck on learning your new computer setup.

  4. Thank you Janice, Earthula and Dean, for visiting and commenting.
    Earthula - I've redone some of the shading on her foreshortened leg. That's her "bed head", the actual shows a lot more definition.
    Dean, I'm so afraid you're right...I see it but am soooo reluctant to make such a major change, but I know if it is going to be right I'm going to have to do it.

  5. Hi Lokelani
    It's a lovely painting and captures a charming moment :-)
    My advice (as per Dean's comment) is to always get your original drawing correct before you start painting, this saves trying to correct it later on.
    What I often do is compare (side by side) the photo of my painting next to the original photo on my computer monitor.

  6. Charming painting Lokelani.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. It's a beautiful painting Lokelani! Your sentiments are reflected in the beauty of this portrait!
    Hugs, Sadia

  8. Thank you so much Sadia. She is a little beauty.

  9. This is just precious Lokelani, she is a beauty.

  10. Barbara...thanks so much for looking and commenting.

  11. I'm late but finally made it and am so glad I did! Wow! I love this painting. What a pretty child and you captured a very special expression on her face. Please post this again when you are finished. Your daughter-in-law must be so pleased! Your paintings are getting better and better, Lokelani!

  12. Rosemary...thank you so much for visiting my blog and such an encouraging comment. I've adjusted areas that needed it, took a photo, but with my new computer can't figure out how to crop, so will probably have to post as is.