Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Diversion

Yes, as I said in my last granddaughter is one of my diversions. Here's another..."Cash Creek." The dad of that beautiful little girl is my son Kimo Forrest (to your far right) who leads this contemporary country band. Other than just recently being commissioned to design an album cover, my involvement is to sit anxiously on the "end of my seat" waiting for his album to grab hold and take off. So, go hear Cash Creek, just click the above link, read about him and the band, then listen to the tunes. I'm sure it will get your foot tapping.

As a footnote; I did a painting for him last Christmas of him on the road in performance, see it here.


  1. Beautiful! You are an amazing artist and Kimo is very talented as well. God sure has gifted your family in the arts. I wonder which way your granddaughter will go.


  2. Thank you Child of God. granddaughter tells me she is going to be a veterinarian, a musician and an artist.

  3. How nice it is to see a picture of Uncle Kimo!

  4. Really good voice and I love the harmonies, great that you have got the job of doing the album cover;o)