Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shine Through Worship Art Festival

Last weekend we opened on our Annual Art Festival. The theme this year was "Shine Through Worship." Opening day was so much better than we anticipated. In fact, the turnout of viewers for the first day was much, much better than last year....and that was with the threat of severe thunder storms and potential for tornadoes. The Lord kept the severe weather at bay and near the close of the show, I stepped outside and there in all its glory was a full rainbow arching over the church's sanctuary. I know God blessed the show, after all it was all about praising and glorifying Him.

Here I am with the painting I had just finished and created for the show. It was just for display and was entitled "Fishers of Men."

Here is a closer look at the painting.

First Place in Photography category, Professional Division and "Best of Show."

First Place in Pencil Category, Professional Division - "The Power of Prayer." The same artist also took first place in the Pastel Category - shown hanging just below.

First Place, Painting Category, Professional Division

"Hands-on" art for the children, which was a huge success.

And artists who did demonstrations throughout the show...all of the artists were students. They did a wonderful job.

All in all, the show was enjoyed by all who came.


  1. These paintings looks great indeed! I like that one with the men posing as if they are ready to fight! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. Thanks for comment Daniel and thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Your "Fishers Of Men" is a wonderful painting, Lokelani! Amen!

    Love the sound of the kickin' country band, Cash Creek! They should do very well, with the right breaks, as they say.

  4. Thank you for visiting Dean and thanks for comment on Cash Creek. He, (my son) also has a Contemporary Christian album as well.

  5. Hi Lokelani. Just stopping by to grab some motivation and to see your latest creations. You never ever disappoint! Enjoyed your "Fishers of Men", what a wonderful addition to the Art Festival! Sounds like it was a fun and inspirational event.

    Sue :-)