Monday, July 29, 2013

Children of the Rainbow - progress

It has been almost four weeks since I started the underpainting on this piece.  Longer than I expected; however, four days out of the four weeks I was unable to paint because I had out-of-town company.  My niece, an artist herself and a tattoo artist for a living, was here from Hawaii so had to show her around.  I live in the Nashville, TN area, so needless to say, there was a lot she wanted to see and experience.

Anyway, today - July 29th other than details and touch-ups on the underpainting, I am close to laying the color in.  I can see areas where adjustments are needed.  So far it has certainly been a trip - the faces bringing back so many memories. Oh yes, one other thing - these children are all related and there are four generations represented.


  1. Looking great, Lokelani!
    This painting has to be quite an experience for you...remembering the story behind each smile/face.
    I have visited Nashville around five times....Love the music history there.

    1. Yes, Dean. Now that I'm laying in the color the memories of each and everyone of these children come to mind. I believe I'm doing this more for myself than anything else. What an experience it is turning out to be. I have six sweet, smiling faces done - 12 to go.