Thursday, July 2, 2009

Juried Art Show

A few days ago I received the expected rejection letter from the organization that I submitted work to for consideration for selection to a local art show. All submitted works were reviewed by a one-man jury. It is an art show that I have attended in the past, which I really enjoyed and also one that I submitted pieces to last year…was rejected then also. I looked back over last year’s submission and realized that I was not ready and that the rejection was a fair one. This year I felt I was much improved and my paintings reflected that. However, I was not optimistic about being selected at the onset, but thought I would go ahead and submit my work, along with the fee and an artist’s statement. I told myself I would not be disappointed if I was not selected, considering the hundreds of exceptional artists, locally and out-of-town, who submit each year. All that being said, I was more disappointed than I thought I would be. Did my “pity pot” for a couple of days and am back at it with renewed vigor. I recently read an article on rejection that helped immensely. Below is an excerpt taken from Tony Moffitt’s blog, written by guest blogger, Heather Brown Truman. Visit Tony’s blog at - he has some great, invaluable information to help artists at all levels deal with every aspect of the art world.

Rejection, it’s Good For The Ego. How does one deal with the inevitable rejections that we get along the path of the creative? Well, one of the best ways to deal with rejection is to embrace it. Yes, I said embrace it. Learn to love rejection, failure and disappointments.
Rejection is our friend; it tames the ego, creates drive and ambition, and clears the mind. Rejection is always part of the path, for any endeavor, creative or not. You will encounter it at every turn, even if you are the most creative, most skilled and most passionate person in the world. Rejection is a numbers game. I feel pretty good when I get a rejection notice. Why you ask? Why good and not bad or self-pity? Every single NO is another no on the way to my YES. You have to accept that fact. If you allow yourself to take rejection to heart, you will die, wither on the vine of life and give up. If you fear rejection you will never succeed.
Your ego is not that fragile, your work is important to you and the world. We take rejection because it is part of living; it is part of the equation of life itself. It only matters what you think of yourself, your own work, and your desire to accomplish whatever it is that you are working towards. Never ever, let anyone disrupt the relationship you have with yourself; it is the most important relationship you will ever have in this world.

So, fellow artists…embrace those rejections…don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough. Here are a couple of the paintings I submitted, they are available.

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