Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KAI - A Boy and His Ball

This is slow going because other than the fact that I have not spent everyday painting, I am being meticulous about detail. I have done the underpainting, put the books on the bookshelf and tried to individualize each one. After that dries I will glaze over to blend into the chiaroscuro area behind his head. This is my first attempt at this technique, but I think this painting lends itself beautifully to that technique. For those who aren’t into art…Wikipedia defines chiaroscuro this way…

Chiaroscuro (Italian for light-dark) is a term in art for a contrast between light and dark. The term is usually applied to bold contrasts affecting a whole composition, but is also more technically used by artists and art historians for the use of effects representing contrasts of light, not necessarily strong, to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects such as the human body.

I don’t know what it is about this picture…is it just the sweet, loving child that he is that makes it so special for me? He looks kind of sad here…I need to correct that because he is not. I think it might be the droop of his lip/mouth…too much. I posted the reference photo on first posting; just click this link if you want to look at it again.

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  1. Lokelani, This painting is absolutely superb, I cannot wait to see this finished, you are doing so well with this.

  2. Julie...thanks so much. I REALLY want this to turn out superb. Thanks for your comment.