Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Sisters

It’s interesting that as you get older, that without having the intent, thoughts go back to earlier years.I’ve been told that this happens as you age, but being that I’ve never been at this space in time before I am just now discovering this to be fact. Can’t say whether I like it or not because then I have to admit that I am at that time of life. Actually a comfortable place to be, IMHO, because I am comfortable with who I am and am accepting of my past mistakes and human frailties.

I am remembering Wailuku, Maui in the mid ‘50’s. I had three older sisters… slim, long legs and extremely attractive. In order of age, they were Glori, Lei and Charlene…at least that’s the names I called them. They all had Hawaiian names, but Glori and Charlene went by their given English names. Lei did not have an English name and I was called by my Hawaiian name…Lokelani or Loke for short. Oh, almost forgot that we did have a brother…Kaiwa. He was the youngest of five and unfortunately he was kind of lost in the midst of all these women.

My sisters were popular, never lacking for dates. Needless to say our home never lacked for visiting young men. Glori and Charlene attended Kamehameha School for girls, a boarding school on the island of Oahu so other than holidays, they were gone for nine months out of the year. When they were home for summer vacation though they told stories of their in-school exploits…stories I loved hearing. Glori’s stories were the funniest because she was into everything. She was the “big man” on campus, had lots of boyfriends, and did crazy things. One story I remember really well is that after lights out she wanted to visit with the girls in other rooms, stripped down to her undies, climbed out the window and swung from window to window to get where she wanted to go. Can’t remember if she took her clothes with her. She told me this story herself so I have to assume it was for real. My sister Lei was an asthmatic through most of her childhood and spent a lot of time in the hospital. However, she still proved to be a typical teenager; having her share of boyfriends. In my opinion, compared to them, my life was pretty colorless.

Recently did this for a dyptich.
From front to back: Lei, Charlene and me.

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