Sunday, August 23, 2009

More on Iao Valley

Yesterday I blogged some on Iao Valley, a magnificent little valley on the island of Maui. I've since been reminded that according to stories and legends that have come to light from the pre-Christian days of Hawai'i, the Eternal Creator was also known as I'ao (Ee-yah-oy).

I'ao was the supreme light of the world. Iao Valley was named for this great diety. The rock pillar in the center of this valley, now commonly referred as "The Needle" was once a rock altar where the natives of Maui came to pay homage to their Lord I'ao. (excerpt from "Children of the Rainbow" by Leinani Melville).

At the head of the cast of the Hawaiian gods was the eternal creator, Teave (tay-ah-vay), also sometimes called I'O meaning soul, one's inner self. Teave was the "Soul of the World." I must say re-reading about the gods and religions of old and being a Christian, I find the similarities between the descriptions of old Hawai'i gods and the one true God so in tune with each other and their "positions" in the Heavenly hierarchy. I can't help but wonder if old Hawai'i was really a heathen nation (even with all their personal gods) they believed there was the Eternal Creator (the Father); Tane was the Son and all that emanated from the Father flowed through the Son. Is that not how Christians believe?...the Son, Jesus the Christ was in complete obedience to God the Father and all he did came from the Father.

Amazing food for thought.

Me ke aloha o Akua

P.S. Forgot to mention that Iao Valley was also the select spot for internment of the elite of the Hawaiian hierarchy. The bones of Hawaiian nobility were hidden so well within the valley so that they could not be found and desecrated.

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